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Private tutoring

While we highly recommend students to join our courses, sometimes the dates clash or extra help is needed. To help students outside our course dates, we redeveloped our private tutoring service to ensure that high-quality lessons are conducted in a fun and personalised way.

You, the student

If a personalised lesson is preferred, our one-on-one private tutoring is the best option. We reworked our material for the new private tutoring format and developed unique exercises to better gauge a student’s level. Clear milestones allow for close monitoring of a student’s progress and our tutors are trained to deliver engaging lessons through a personalised learning path. Support and motivation are key, and students can expect our tutors to help them along the way.

Smooth process

What you need to know

  • *An initial two-hour introductory session is always required as the first step to private tutoring.
  • *The introductory session costs €90 and the current rate for lessons is €45/hour in person; €35/hour online. Travel costs may incur depending on location.
  • *Study material included. Personalised lessons are developed by our tutors for students.
  • *Milestones indicated to show how students are progressing.
  • *Terms & Conditions


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