IB.Academy Private Tuition Terms and Conditions


  1. In this document, ‘User’ may refer to the parent/guardian or student who requested private lessons. IB.Academy is the service provider and ‘Tutor’ is the personnel carrying out the service (private lessons).
  2. The User acknowledges that IB.Academy reserves the right to make amendments to the terms & conditions of the service.
  3. No changes proposed by the User are valid unless approved in writing by IB.Academy
  4. By continuing with the service, the User agrees to these terms.


  1. Tutors have been screened, trained and provided teaching materials by IB.Academy.
  2. Schedules between the Tutor and User must be shared with IB.Academy. This includes any adjustments to the schedule.
  3. Should the User request a different Tutor, IB.Academy will be allowed sufficient time to find a suitable replacement.
  4. If a suitable replacement cannot be arranged, IB.Academy will refund payments of uncompleted lessons to the User.
  5. Should the Tutor cancel a lesson, an alternative date will be arranged with IB.Academy.
  6. No private arrangements are permitted between the User and Tutor. All bookings with the Tutor must be arranged through IB.Academy.
  7. Should the User wish to recommend the Tutor to others, potential bookings must be arranged with IB.Academy.
  8. The User must contact IB.Academy within 24 hours should the Tutor cancel, fail to attend or not fulfil their agreement.


  1. The User must allow at least 24 hours notice to the Tutor and IB.Academy in the event of cancellation via email (contact@ib.academy).
  2. Failure to do so, the User will not be refunded for that tutorial and will be charged if an alternative date is requested.
  3. In the event that the User must cancel unexpectedly on the day itself, the User must call IB.Academy (+31(0)30 4300 430) at least six hours prior to the scheduled tutorial. The session will not be charged if the proper notice was given.
  4. Any notices that do not follow the aforementioned points will lead to additional charges to the User.
  5. If the planned session is arranged on a national or religious holiday that the User wishes to observe, a new tutorial may arranged without additional costs.
  6. Regular cancellations made by the User deemed to be unreasonable by IB.Academy, will lead to possible termination of the tutoring agreement.
  7. If the User requested homework from the Tutor, strict deadlines must be followed. Failure to do so may result in the work not getting checked and payments will be withheld.


  1. The User agrees not to disclose any personal or confidential information of the Tutor or IB.Academy to any person.
  2. IB.Academy will hold any information only between the company, the User and the Tutor when appropriate. No information will be given to any third-parties.


  1. IB.Academy will not accept any liability claims by the User arising out of or related to the services provided.
  2. IB.Academy will not accept liability claims by the User for any act, omission or error of the Tutor. This may include any negligence on part of the Tutor.
  3. IB.Academy does its best to maintain the high standard of Tutors provided in this service. However, IB.Academy is not liable for any loss, damage, expense, delay or issues that may arise from the unlikely dishonesty or negligence of a Tutor.
  4. IB.Academy does not accept liability for the results of the tutorial, which may include but are not limited to exam results.


  1. IB.Academy accepts bank transfers from the User. Invoices will be sent out with clear instructions for the User.
  2. Whilst delays may be accepted, such as the arrangement of a trial session, fixed tutorials will only be permitted once payment has been received.
  3. IB.Academy provides teaching materials for the Tutor. However, if the User would like the Tutor to obtain other resources, the costs will be charged to the User.
  4. The User must recognise that a lot of preparation and coordination is required for this service. Not only are Tutors compensated, but also creators of the study material. As such, the costs noted below are fixed. Any alterations must be agreed to in writing by IB.Academy.
  5. The charges for the service are as follows: €90 for booking the introductory session, €45/hr for in-person lessons, €35/hr for online lessons,  €35/hr per person for shared tutoring and travel costs exceeding €7,50.
  6. Any fees that may incur during the tutorial, such as extra time added to a lesson, will be invoiced to the User.
  7. Any additional expenses made by the User that are not deemed to be the responsibility of IB.Academy will be charged to the User. These may include but are not limited to: external material, such as books, that are requested, necessary subject-specific items such as a calculator, or other items such as rulers.