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  • Winter Course: January 4-6
  • Easter Course: April 13-15
  • Easter Course: April 20-22

Everyone perceives physics on
a different wavelength

While some students are looking to pursue physics in their future, others had to fill a science requirement and saw physics as the lesser evil. Whatever the situation, our physics courses were made to accommodate both groups by focusing on the individual.

What to expect

The IB Physics exams require an intimate understanding of physical concepts and the skills to interpret graphs and perform complex calculations. Simply studying the theory is not sufficient to do well in the physics exams, while students that lack theoretical knowledge are lost when it comes to the exams.

Our lectures are designed with a two-pronged approach: refreshing your knowledge and revealing connections between physical concepts on one hand, while discussing past exam questions and providing step-by-step instructions to help you solve even the most complex ones. Our study guides summarize the lectures and will be a crucial reference work in your exam revisions.

The most important aspect of our physics revision courses are the exercise sessions. Here (you will learn) we teach how you can use the now refreshed knowledge and solution strategies to correctly answer IB exam questions. Since we employ at least 1 teacher for every 6 students we have the capacity to provide individual support immediately when you need it, ensuring that you spend all of your time with us efficiently toward your exam preparations.

At the end of every exercise session you will answer a set of timed questions under exam conditions. Your performance will be recorded and feedback collected on every subtopic. This means that not only will your knowledge and skills have improved, you will also know exactly what topics to focus on after the course to make the largest impact on your exam performance.