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  • Winter Course: January 4-6
  • Spring Course: March 1-3
  • Easter Course: April 13-15; 17-19; 20-22

The whole is not greater than the sum of its parts,
it is exactly equal

Although the prerequisites for the different mathematics courses are completely different, each on its own is the most feared subject in IB. Whether you think you will never be able to finish a single exam problem or you are a true math genius taking the impossible HL course, our courses improve your ability and confidence!


The IB mathematics exams test your ability to understand and apply abstract concepts to problems: by performing complex calculations and manipulating equations. Our mathematics courses cover all of the required theory from the syllabus, from start to finish. And by applying our step-by-step approach to each exam problem, our courses ensure that you will have the tools available to increase your performance.

Starting with an explanation of the fundamental principles, our lectures extend all the way up to the level of IB exam problems. By using our unique step-by-step approach you learn how to start, solve and answer IB exam questions yourself. Our study guide provides a comprehensive review of the skills that you will need at the exam, discussing many example question to help you understand.

The lectures explain the fundamental theory and our step-by-step solution strategies. In the exercise session that follows, you learn to apply your renewed knowledge and our solution strategies to even the most difficult IB exam questions. We employ at least 1 teacher for every 6 students to make sure that a teacher is quickly available when you need them, ensuring that you spend all of your time with us efficiently toward your exam preparations and none of your time frustrated over math problems!

At the end of every exercise session you will answer a set of timed questions under exam conditions. Your performance will be recorded and feedback collected on every topic. This means that not only will your knowledge and skills have improved, you will also know exactly what topics to focus on after the course to make the largest impact on your exam performance.