‘History is More or Less Bunk’

When Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, spoke those words in 1916, he wanted people to adopt a mindset that focuses on the present rather than the past. Did Ford claim that the past was pointless? Not necessarily, but rather, he wanted to stress the importance of history-making in the present. Ford’s point is a valid one, but in order to find solutions for the problems of the present, we must look to history for answers.

Presenting IB Historicus

Many students of IB History have trouble absorbing large amounts of information or find it tricky to balance out their revision with other IB courses. Additionally, they may want to return to what the teacher said in class, but find their notes insufficient. We believe that optimised learning does not rely on just one method, but on a harmony of several approaches (including visual and auditory learning, as well as technology and conventional teaching routines) coming together. To combine all these approaches, IB.Academy has developed IB Historicus.

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IB Historicus is a podcast series that goes through each topic of the new syllabus, in a way that is concise and easy to follow. Each topic from the new syllabus will be cast in a series of episodes with a corresponding study guide, designed to help students revise for their History exams. It is designed to help those who are in need of quick revision and the podcast will definitely help you recall all the information you will need for class.


What is IB Historicus?

Originating from the ancient Greek word, historicus simply means ‘historian’. The podcast aims to teach the IB History topics in a concise, enthralling way and we hope to awaken the little historicus that lives in all of you. We all inquire to further understand ourselves, the state of the world we live in and the dynamics between various human forces.

IB Historicus will give you valuable insight into the state of the world we live in today by shedding light on the dynamic interplay between various human collectives in the past. Each episode will provide insight to a specific syllabus theme and occasionally, the podcast will feature guests to bring new voices and perspectives on various topics. Got someone in mind to speak with us on the show? Please contact us!


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So whether you’re on your way to school, waiting for your meal or looking to avoid a boring conversation, IB Historicus will be there for you! We hope the series will be insightful and supportive for everyone tuning in. As they say, ‘the secret of getting ahead is to get started’!