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  • Easter Course: April 13-15

Understand the past to prepare for
your future

History is a popular subject for IB students. With a vast amount of topics available, students can discover more about the development of humanity through the ages, learn about the growth of institutions and recognize differences in cultural and societal identities. Yet despite its popularity, IB History is a difficult subject—with a mean score of less than 5 points. Do not be alarmed! With our help, you can and will manage your exams!


The enormous amount of information can be dissected into key points that are crucial for passing the exams. During the IB Academy history revision course this is achieved by:

  1. Class lectures that are designed to cover basic concepts prevalent across most topics so everyone can be included. Together with the teacher, students will decide which aspects are to be studied in depth for exam preparations. Other lesson plans include films, role-playing and writing practice.
  2. Our study guides- These easy-to-follow-notes are formatted for quick study sessions and contain all the essential knowledge you need to pass the exam.
  3. Discussions—a platform for students to exchange their ideas and gain an understanding of various perspectives
  4. Finally, students will undergo a mock exam to test their new skills and to get a feel for real exam sessions. Even when class sessions are over, students are encouraged to practice in their own time and are welcome to ask our teachers to provide feedback on their work.