One of the many appeals of the IB programme is the variety of subjects students can select. As the IB continues to look for new disciplines to open up for students, we are doing our part to develop courses and revision material for this growing number of subjects. This spring, we will host our first Geography and Environmental systems and societies courses.

Geography falls under the IB’s ‘individuals and societies’ curriculum but also demands understanding of scientific methodology. The aim of the course is to help students develop an understanding of the various relationships between humans, places and the environment. The concern for human welfare is stressed just as much as consideration for the environment, while diversity and change are important factors to investigate. Both SL and HL students are expected to study the four compulsory topics of Paper 1 and a selection of options from Paper 2. Only HL students have additional options to study for Paper 3.

Environmental systems and societies (or ES&S) is an interdisciplinary course that IB students can take up for either a science or individuals and societies subject. In some cases, students may choose ES&S for both groups. The flexibility of ES&S is appealing to many students considering an additional subject in another group. Similar to Geography, ES&S focuses on interconnections between people and the environment. However, in ES&S there is a greater emphasis on local and global environmental concerns. Available only for SL, ES&S features a lot of fieldwork and other hands-on work.

During our Spring Course, ES&S is available during the March 30-April 1 session and Geography between April 6-8. Head over here to sign up! Follow this link if you would like to read up more about the subjects.

This spring we will also host a variety of subjects that were unavailable during the Winter Course. Students taking up Biology SL/HL, Business & Management SL/HL, History HL or Physics SL/HL are welcome to join us!