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  • Easter Course: April 13-15
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An increasingly popular subject among students, business and management looks to develop understanding of various business practice, tools and activities. In our revision course, students will learn to discuss, evaluate and develop knowledge of a wide variety of subtopics, including different organisations and the economic theories. To gain better insight into the IB business and management subject, it is vital to understand the requirements and depth of the different topics put forth in the syllabus.


With IB.Academy, you will obtain that insight. An important component of our revision course is not only analysing the syllabus but also sharing key examiner pointers. Many students find it difficult to translate their knowledge onto paper for the exams and we’ll make sure that won’t be the case. By going over the examiner pointers and undergoing mock preparations, students will gain the tools to excel.

The business and management course requires a lot of knowledge absorption. We understand that many topics may be difficult for students and that is why our tutors will prepare a personal study plan. This personal study plan is developed through various class interactions, the results of the mock exams and discussions between the teacher and student. We encourage students to always engage with our teachers to optimise their learning experience.