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  • Winter Course: January 4-6
  • Easter Course: April 13-15
  • Easter Course: April 20-22

Studying with us won’t be in ‘vein’

Biology is a fascinating science that explores the processes underpinning life. It is by far the most popular science course but it is also heavily underestimated. Only 20% of the students score a 6 or higher, whereas at least 30% of the physics candidates reach their targets. The subject is vast and you are required to replicate the enormous amount of material for the examination. During our course the entire syllabus will be covered to ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to do well at the exam.


Students often underestimate the depth of knowledge needed to pass their exams. The biology revision course starts with knowledge retention: our study guides provide a summary of all the key topics and our unique flashcards will help you practice repeatedly to ensure that you will retain all that information. The lectures, the study guides and the flashcards together address different learning styles and the combination helps you recall the information much more effectively. By the end of the course, every student will have greater comprehension of the topics.

Finally, students will be tested under exam conditions in our mock sessions. These mock tests are designed to help students prepare for the real examinations. Your performance will be recorded and feedback collected on every subtopic. This will help you narrow down on the topics you should focus on to prepare for the IB exams.